The In His Presence Conference Choir (IHPCC) was birthed through the vision of District Elder Irving Taylor, Pastor of Calvary Outreach Revival Center. In the early 2000’s, Elder Irving & Lady Stephanie Taylor launched the “In His Presence Conference” in Chester, Virginia and purposed to provide a space for the people of God to gather together and worship Him in Spirit and in truth. In the early stages of conference planning, getting individuals together and obtaining commitments from many was difficult; but in the midst of it all the Lord was raising up a group of individuals that would be capable of inviting His presence in the room.

Elder Taylor decided to meet with his children (Adrian, Brandon and Chanell) to discuss the possibility of gathering some people together to develop a choir for the conference. The goal was to have a choir that would be dedicated to serving each night. During the early stages of the choir’s development, Elder Taylor reached out to his brother, Minister Jerry Taylor who serves as the Minister of Music at Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries, to assist in the development of this anointed choir. As the voices grew, the Lord blessed Sister Chanell Taylor to grab the mantel of this choir and she ran with it! To this day, Sister Taylor remains committed to the success and the ministry of this choir.

In 2017, IHPCC recorded their first live album in Richmond, VA. The album was released in November 2018 and reached number 6 on Apple Music Stream Charts and number 11 on the Gospel Billboard charts in the first week of sales. God has truly placed His hand of approval on this choir and He continues to anoint them to minister His word in song.

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